Governor Makinde’s distinct approach to governance and excellent leadership, can be ascribed to Kapil tertawal quote that says “the choices we make today create the future that we are dreaming of”.

Prior to Engr Seyi Makinde emergence as Governor of the Pacesetter State, it is a known fact that bad governance were the order of the day. Citizens lost their confidence and trust in the polity, governance and their hopes of enjoying dividends of democracy became a mirage.

With the demonstration of good governance and by fulfilling his campaign promises to the people of Oyo State, Governor Makinde is truly the political leader we have been yearning for as his outstanding performance within 3 years in office is enviable. His remarkable achievement is a milestone of good governance and a masterpiece of dividend of democracy.

The similarities between Governor Makinde’s mantra of change “Omituntun” and former American President, Barack Obama’s “audacity of hope and yes we can” slogans are strong convictions and optimism that the status quo can be challenged with a clear-cut vision and purposeful leadership.

Governor Makinde’s Omituntun represents the ray of hope, dreams of the people, equality and unity in which the citizens can find hope through the era of good governance under his able leadership.

The global movement Omituntun began with one man’s vision which later spread all over Oyo State and beyond where citizens keyed in by organising events that birthed good governance in the State. A single idea along with unwavering believe in possibilities became a catalyst for a real societal change.

Governor Makinde with his ‘Accelerated Development Plan’, made bold entrance into political arena to change status quo as a new breed leader in the field of politics in Nigeria where politicans are known for making empty campaign promises to the electorates when seeking political power without fulfilling them.

To complement Governor Makinde’s leadership ideals, famous former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo says “you campaign in poetry, you govern in prose. Governor Makinde perfectly understood this concept from the onset of his administration through praxis – less talk (promises) and more action (policy implementation). As a strategic planner with set of handful clear priorities, maintain an intense focus on citizens for the delivery of good governance.

As a matter of fact, His Excellency uses his four points service agenda – education, security, health and improved economic expansion using agriculture value chains and infrastructure development, in transforming the State and lifting its citizens from poverty to prosperity.

Based on sound education Governor Makinde received that made him to be successful both in private business and public sector, he is extending the same opportunity to the citizens by providing quality and qualitative education in the State.

Education sector has been revived from the State of comatose which could be attributed to failure of the past administration to prioritise the sector. Now, more standard classrooms have been constructed with the provision 21st century learning materials, laboratories are well equipped to carry out scientific research at various schools across the State.

With regards to health sector, more primary health care facilities have been built and renovated. State hospitals have been equiped with world class modern medical equipment while more health practitioners have been employed to enhance service delivery.

Sustainable infrastructure is not left behind in the scheme of things by Governor Makinde led administration, as infrastructure drives economy. Just within 3 years in office, present administration has delivered top notch infrastructure across the State. For instance, ultra modern Bus Terminals were commissioned to cushion the effects of transportation crisis in the State. Likewise, roads infrastructure are embarked upon across the State to facilitate ease movement of people, goods and services.

The Governor believes that “engineering a modern Oyo State begets economic development… anywhere infrastructure goes, development follows”. Based on his believe, he has opened up the frontier for agribusiness to thrive by providing employment opportunity for the people especially the youths to boost the State’s GDP as well as increasing food production in the State.

Furthermore, security architecture of Oyo State has been upgraded. Various stakeholders in the sector are constantly working in synergy to provide much needed security to protect lives and property. This implies that economic growth and development can only take place in an atmosphere where peace reigns supreme.

Report from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows the State’s astronomical increase in IGR within 3 years is an attestation of Governor Makinde’s performance in the State and his leadership par excellence.

It is no hype that in terms of citizens welfare and payment of salaries, Governor Makinde-led administration is simply incomparable to his predecessors. He continues to create job opportunities and empowering youths across all sectors from agribusiness to sports.

Evidence across the State shows workers salaries are being paid as and when due which is a clear departure from the past.

In fact, a friend told me few days ago that his retired parents are no longer asking him for money because of prompt payment of their pensions by Governor Makinde’s administration. Pensioners now enjoying the fruits of their labour, thanks to Governor Makinde who makes it possible.

Eleanor D. Roosevelt says “future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Policies and ideas are judged by the ability to implement them in efficient and effective manner. This can be translated to Governor Makinde’s “Roadmap to Accelerated Development Plan 2019-2023 and Oyo State Development Plan 2021-2040” which clearly demonstrated the strategic planning beyond his administration.

I cherish and tremendously admire Governor Makinde as a fearless warrior who strategically advances democratic transformation beyond the border of Oyo State. With his leadership style, he has restored confidence, trust and values in our political system to create a genuine responsive democratic culture.

Being a visionary as well as revolutionary leader, God Makinde’s creative solutions to re-engineering the modern Oyo State has started to address the past failures of his predecessors. He is now rekindling the hope of good governance in Oyo State that is characteristics of decent democracy.

Governor Makinde’s actions and proactiveness in our political history is in comparison with the vision and principles of the progressive founding father, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the likes of other great political leaders of our time.

With the unprecedented level of transformation, accountability, transparency, openness, and inclusiveness at all levels the present administration has introduced in running the affairs of the State, I admonish the good people of Oyo State to ignore the adversaries of the government whose pre-occupation is to plunge the State into perpetual chaos and confusion for thier selfish agenda.

I also urge the citizens of Oyo State to heed the clarion call by not sitting on the fence but get involved and collect thier Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs), participate in electoral process and choose wisely by ensuring that Governor Makinde records a resounding victory come 2023.

As we are approaching another election year, the citizens should take the cognisant of the fact the PVC is their life insurance for good governance. Please do not sell your vote to greedy politicans for stomach infrastructure.

According Steve Jobs “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Let us build the future of Oyo State of our dreams on the bedrock of Governor Seyi Makinde’s development plan that is based on innovation, job creation, security, economic empowerment, poverty to prosperity and service to humanity for both present and urborn generations.

– Jamiu Akano


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Jamiu Akano

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