In recent years, Nigeria has faced a surge in various forms of insecurity, ranging from kidnappings and terrorism to drug abuse and social unrest. These challenges have posed a significant threat to the safety and stability of the nation. However, amidst these daunting realities, Oyo State has emerged as a beacon of hope, spearheading innovative initiatives to combat the scourge of insecurity.

At the forefront of Oyo State and other Soutwest’s security architecture stands the Western Security Network, popularly known as Amotekun. Conceived as a proactive response to the escalating security threats in the southwest region, Amotekun represents a collaborative effort by the Governors of the South West States to protect the lives and properties of residents and citizens in the region. With its inception, Amotekun has become a symbol of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Under the leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde, Oyo State has taken bold strides to bolster its security apparatus. One notable initiative is the distribution of hundreds of vehicles fully equipped with security gadgets to Security Personnel across the State. These vehicles serve as vital resources in the relentless pursuit of criminals and the safeguarding of communities.

Furthermore, Governor Makinde’s administration has implemented a toll-free number, 615, empowering residents to report any suspicious activities or social services in their vicinity promptly. Governor Makinde has consistently emphasised the importance of community involvement in combating insecurity. He often reiterates the mantra, “If you see something, say something,” urging residents to be vigilant and proactive in reporting any unusual or criminal activities. This ethos of collective responsibility underscores the Governor’s commitment to fostering a culture of security consciousness among the populace.The introduction of these measures underscores Oyo State’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its populace. By equipping security forces with the necessary tools and resources, the State Government has demonstrated its
resolve to confront insecurity head-on. Moreover, the activation of the toll-free reporting system signifies a paradigm shift towards community engagement and collaboration in the fight against crime.

Despite these commendable efforts, Oyo State faces multifaceted challenges in its quest for security. The pervasive influence of criminal syndicates, coupled with socio-economic factors, continue to pose significant obstacles. However, through proactive initiatives like Amotekun and strategic interventions such as the distribution of vehicles and the establishment of a toll-free reporting mechanism, Oyo State is laying the groundwork for a safer and more secure future.Looking ahead, the success of Oyo State’s security architecture hinges on sustained
commitment, collaboration, and innovation. As Oyo state continues to navigate the complex landscape of insecurity, it must remain vigilant and adaptable to emerging threats. By harnessing the collective strength of its people and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Oyo State is poised to overcome the challenges of today and build a brighter tomorrow for all its citizens.

If you see something, say something
-Gov. Seyi Makinde, 2024




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