Starting from the remodeling of the Adamasingba Stadium, Engr. Seyi Makinde has posed commitment to the Sport Sector of the State right from the inception of this administration. And that gigantic project has in many ways already proven to be one of the greatest doings of this administration as it has ushered in various levels of positive impact in its immediate environment, the State, and even the country Nigeria at large.

It was promised that the two football teams in the State will be promoted to the Nigeria Professional Football League, and as we have it already while Crown FC were slightly cut short of promotion by two points, finishing second in their group at the end of the Nigerian National League 21/22 season, the Oluyole warriors, after being promoted into the league in the 2020/2021 season were able to maintain their place in the apex league in the country and opportune to improve and have the glory of the Club restored via the support, influence and motivation stemming from the Seyi Makinde led administration. And this has added more fans to these teams such as myself who have via the influence of Seyi Makinde, become a follower of the Nigerian League that many of us never used to pay attention to.

The focus of this youth and sports centered administration of Seyi Makinde has given hope to sport development in the State and sparkled the possible restoration of the glory of the first club to win the FA Cup on club basis in Nigeria, and also the first Nigerian clubside to win an international trophy.

The Lekan Salami Sports Complex within these few preceding years of its remodelling has witnessed great successes to include hosting an African Cup of Nations’ fixture which was complemented with the victory of the Olympic Eagles against Tanzania towards PARIS 2024 which also involved a monetary motivation of $25,000 by Seyi Makinde to the Olympics Eagles.

It is evidently the commitment of this administration to transform the sports sector so as to create employment for the teeming youths of the State as the Governor in several statements has posed and has clearly noted that he believes that sport is a veritable tool for human resource development and a means of generating employment. Hence, the reason for the upgrade of sporting facilities across the State in order to attract talents and to ensure that there is a programme for every child, even those who could not afford sporting kits.

And not only football, but all round sports, as depicted in 2020, Oyo State came 6th on the medal table of the National Sports Festival(Edo 2020) with 103 medals to include 31 gold medals compared with finishing 8th in 2016 with 18 gold medals. Alas, that was just the beginning, as the State finished fourth at the just concluded National Sports Festival in Delta State, setting a record of winning an historical 50 gold medals for the first time in Oyo State, 51 silver, and 62 bronze, making a total of 163 medals.

The Oyo State Government has also been sponsoring special talents out of the country for special trainings such as Sarah Adegoke who won gold in the National Sports Festival, who is now in Spain for proper professional training, courtesy of the Seyi Makinde led administration.

This disposition of the Oyo State Government has been an encouragement, not only to youths within the State, but also those who are indigenes of the State in diaspora, breaking through nationally and internationally, to partner with the State, with pride and hope in the confidence of the revitalization of sports in the State, thus, also improving the State’s economy.




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