“Àjànàkú kọjá a mo rí nkan fìrí, bí a bá rí erin ká wí pé a rí erin”, is an adage in Yoruba language that could be said to imply that we give exaltation to whatever is worth exaltation; it is demeaning to regard a passing elephant casually like a flying insect.

This is the literal regard to anything considered big in size, a feat considered enormous and worthy of adulation, and what millennials and gen z today will regard as ‘doings’.

The giant ‘doings’ of Seyi Makinde’s administration in Oyo State can be likened to ‘Erin’ or ‘Àjànàkú’ which both implies Elephant, as they deserve every accolades and adulations worthy of giant strides.

Engineer Seyi Makinde has proven his academic and professional title as an Engineer even in governance as he architects massive projects in Oyo State, setting a standard and raising the bar of governance in the pacesetter State.

In the space of less than 4 years as Governor of Oyo State, it has become impossible to have a brief recount of the impacts of Seyi Makinde in the State, as it will require almost unending listings.

Nevertheless, we will extract some highlights for the sake of naysayers who of course are only doing so for the fun of antagonism, and not for purposeful or realistic ends, but towards futile and lightweight attempts to score cheap points towards the coming elections.

The Educational sector in the State has undoubtedly received enormous facelift and impact during this administration as we have several testimonies across board starting from securing the sole ownership of LAUTECH by the State, to the renovation of 88 classroom blocks, the construction of 51 blocks of classrooms with toilet facilities, the construction of 8 model schools, the installation of boreholes in 36 schools, the supply of 2,370 pieces of furniture to 36 Junior Secondary Schools by Oyo SUBEB, the supply of 50 pairs of desks each for 305 Public Secondary Schools by the Oyo State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, amongst other attention paid towards teachers, lecturers and other members of staff of the educational institutions in the State; this is gigantic, one must admit.

This Engineer understands the layout of well being and equally pays attention to the health sector as we now have 206 Primary Healthcare Centers across the State rehabilitated and equipped for easier access to health facilities by Oyo State residents. Tede community and her environs were not left out as the General Hospital was renovated and significantly equipped; same as that of Aremo; the Renal Dialysis Center, and the High Dependence Unit(HDU) at the State Hospital, Adeoyo.

What do we say of the Lekan Salami Sport Complex, Adamasingba? Not a gigantic stride? Of course it’s doings.

The continuous provision of gadgets and vehicles to security operatives in the State isn’t gigantic? Amotekun in Oyo State isn’t gigantic?

The market women would appreciate the elephant project of Lighting Up Oyo more as they tend to stay longer and make more sales at the market, so also those whose safety and properties have been threatened when nights come before nights.

The Fasola Agribusiness Industrial Hub has steadily been attracting investors and simultaneously empowering youths as it improves the economy of the State.

Not to mention the several infrastructures like the Challenge and Ojoo Bus terminals, the General Gas Flyover, the installation of Solar-Hybrid-Mini-Grid at Ajia and Otefon, the construction of ICT hub at Mobola, the Sasa Market, and numerous reconstruction and dualisation of roads that are easing economic advancement within the State.

What then do we say to these things? If God be for Seyi Makinde, no one can be against him; he has done marvelous in our sights, and we are ready to repay him by re-electing him to do more. A rí erin, á sì wí pé a rí erin!




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