As we celebrate our 62nd year of Independence, the Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde charges Nigerians on the significance of this particular independence celebration as it precedes one of the most anticipated general elections to determine the future of the country.

He stated; “As we mark this year’s Independence Day and Nigeria turns 62, it is a time for sober reflection. It is not just another Independence Day celebration; it is the Independence Day celebration that precedes the 2023 general elections. We are four months shy of casting our votes in an election that can either lead to a turnaround for our country or lead us further down the path of economic ruin.”

Seyi Makinde stressed about the loss of interest of citizens about the independence day as it pose little or no meaning to most people, and is celebrated less and less each year. The Governor noted that the occasion of the independence day each year has rather become a Government affair, observed only by parastatals; reiterating that it is very important for the Government to get the people involved and charged towards the significance of the day as the people are the strength of the country.

In his words; “For the past few years, this day which was supposed to bring renewed hope and faith in our country, has been celebrated less and less. It has become more and more a State and Government affair, with little meaning for the man on the street.

We have forgotten that the strength of Nigeria is its people. It is the people that can save our country. And so, we stand another chance to wield the power of the people and take our country back.”

The Governor also went ahead to charge the people towards their concentration on the coming 2023 general elections; stating that there is little to be influenced at the national level compared to having worthy representations at the State and Local Government levels, and law makers.

“Many of us are focused on the presidential elections. But it is about time we realized there is really so little we can do to influence things at a national level. Yes, it is important to have the best representation at the center, but it is even more critical to have more people that put the country first at the State and Local Government levels and that those who make our laws have the fear of God and love of country as their primary motivation.” He stated.

Governor Seyi Makinde also went further to encourage Nigerians to stay firm in positivity and optimism, and continue to make efforts to remain united as a country with the hope of having worthy representatives celebrating together with us after the 2023 general elections.

“And so, this Independence Day, I have a short message: Don’t lose hope. Things may not be as rosy as we want them to be but with our collective efforts and God’s blessing, we can continue to preserve the unity of our beloved nation.

Next year, when we mark Nigeria at 63, God sparing our lives, we would have passed these elections, and everyone who will be building our Nigeria of tomorrow would have been selected. I pray that we would be so proud of our decisions at the coming elections that we would line up, one and all, holding high the flag of our country and singing with meaning the words of our National Anthem: one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity”, the Governor stated.



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