Societies can become prosperous via identifying, understanding, and implementing policies that centers on internal political, social and economic factors that influence development.

Evidently, His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde understood this assignment, as he did not only promise, but also as a pilot of this cause in Oyo State, provided a guide for the journey, tagged THE OYO STATE ROADMAP FOR ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT, 2019-2023.

We have watched and witnessed Engr. Seyi Makinde transform Oyo State through urbanization and industrialization, earning the State Capital the 2nd fastest growing city in Africa for the year 2022, by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme(UN-Habitat) research, on the metrics of urbanisation, industrialization, population and job opportunities.

We have keenly observed how Seyi Makinde has influenced a massive influx of investors into Oyo State, also earning the State the honour as one of the 7 States of the 36 States in Nigeria that attracted foreign investments in the first half of 2022, as listed by the National Bureau of Statistics, attracting two million in dollars worth of foreign direct investment.

We have watched how not only investors, but youths also have regarded Oyo State as the place to be, settle down and make a living, being a peaceful, habitable, accommodating and economic productivity enabling environment.

We watched with passion how the Governor handled the EndSars Protest and the COVID-19 lockdown with native intelligence and so much dexterity that have helped in promoting understanding and maintaining the freedom of the people without a posed fear of casualties, respectively; and these are the dispositions that project a people centered governance, creating a kind of comfort and confidence in the government in the minds of citizens and residents, and concurrently attracting immigration and investments, and resultantly, economic advancement.

It wasn’t a fluke when it was noted that this administration was built on Science, Logic, and Data. It wasn’t also a fluke when the administration emphatically noted agribusiness as its focus to improve the economy of the State, as agribusiness alone has attracted over 23 billion naira worth of investments.

The benchmark was to make Oyo State the fastest growing economy in Nigeria, with the framework of attracting local and foreign investors, and so far, with the aforementioned feats this administration has achieved; with the increase of the State’s Internally Generated Revenue(IGR) to 52 billion naira, recording a 37% year-on-year IGR growth under the Seyi Makinde led administration without increment of taxes, it is evident that Governor Seyi Makinde is right on track.

The response then to this by well meaning citizens and residents of Oyo State can and should only be to give this working Governor the opportunity to complete what he has started; to position the State in the place of prosperity; to build on the already laid templates of acceleration into sustainability.

Sustainability is the spice of existence.



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