Oyo state governor, Engr Seyi Makinde, has expressed his willingness to negotiate a new minimum wage with labour leaders in the state ahead of the 2024 fiscal year, Oyo Affairs reports.

The governor made this announcement during an annual interfaith prayer for civil and public servants held on Tuesday, January 9 at the open field after the Governor’s car park, Agodi Secretariat, Ibadan.

In his address, Governor Seyi Makinde commended the workers for their support during his first term administration under Omitutun 1.0 and acknowledged their role in his reelection.

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Makinde assured that his administration is committed to completing most of the infrastructural projects it embarked upon and declared that workers’ well-being will continue to be a top priority.

He said: “When I came in four years ago, we had to negotiate minimum wage and the consequential adjustment. I didn’t want a second term initially but some people came to tell me that it’d be good to finish what we started and now I’m also back to where I have to sit down with labor and negotiate another minimum wage and things like that.”

He also emphasized the importance of looking after the welfare of the people and ensuring the development of Oyo state.

Makinde concluded by urging the workers to hold the government accountable and emphasized that the government is a continuum, building on the works of previous administrations.

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