THREE Islamic clerics have been arrested by the police for allegedly beheading a surveyor in the Moniya area of Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State.

One of the clerics is said to be a landlord in the Alapata area of Apete in Ido Local Government Area. His house is said to be located a few blocks away from the surveyor’s office.

The surveyor, sources told Sunday Tribune, was popular among residents for selling and buying lands in the area.

They were said to have lured the surveyor, who had worked for one of them, on the pretext of the award of a job, to a bush in Moniya where he was killed and beheaded.

Sources told Sunday Tribune that the trio was arrested in the Sango area of Ibadan North Local Government Area on Thursday, a development which threw the Alapata community into confusion.

Many residents of the community expressed shock at the development, saying one of the alleged murderers was a popular cleric known with his distinct turban among the Islamic community of Alapata.
The Apete Divisional Police

Officer, CSP Akande Rufus Adegoke, who confirmed the incident to Sunday Tribune said the alleged assailants were landlords in his jurisdiction but the heinous act was perpetrated in Moniya.

He said the case has been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department, Iyaganku for further investigation.

Credit: Tribune





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