The effect of a good and standard healthcare system playing a major role in boosting economic growth cannot be over-emphasized. After decades of neglect in the health sector of Oyo State, it has been so rotten and lots of complaints have been made regarding the depleting condition of the Oyo State health sector.

Governor Seyi Makinde has however come to make a positive impact on Oyo State’s health sector to boost the Oyo state’s economy.

A quote by Governor Seyi Makinde said;  “A person’s overall quality of life is directly linked to their health. The health of Oyo State people also plays a role in our state’s economic viability as it affects workers’ productivity and educational outcomes for students’’ This is not far-fetched because Oyo State’s health sector has been the center pillar of Oyo state economy.

In the past 3 years, Oyo State government has put lots of structures in place to make healthcare facilities accessible, affordable, and available to all.

It is important to note that a substandard healthcare system in society would lead to high and avoidable mortality rate (unnecessary deaths from conditions that have known medical treatment but occur due to lack of proper healthcare facilities, lack of medical infrastructure and equipment, shortage of medical practitioners among others.), and high mortality rate would amount to low or no productivity since healthier people aid in productivity in the society. Put together in simple words, without the provision of adequate healthcare facilities in a society, the society cannot progress.

Evidently, Oyo State government has proven itself as one after the development and progress of the Oyo State economy by embarking on various massive investments to boost the state’s economy.

Remarkable and noteworthy instances of the massive investments in the healthcare system embarked upon by the Oyo State government include; the revitalization and completion of more than 200 Primary Healthcare Centers out of 351 existing ones across all local governments in Oyo State to make healthcare accessible to all residents of Oyo State, renovation and revitalization of state-owned hospitals across Oyo State, provision of standard medical equipment and facilities to hospitals and health centers across the state, employment of well trained and equipped doctors, Organization of free Health Missions to treat various health conditions to reduce the burden of disease and mortality rate in Oyo State thereby leading to a productive and healthy state, introduction of health insurance scheme (OYSHIA) this scheme is to ensure access to affordable and quality healthcare to improve the health status of the people of Oyo state. The OYO State Insurance Health Agency has proven itself to be an impactful and healthy means of helping families and individuals within the state, the Oyo state Insurance Health Agency OYSHIA has 198,970 people on the scheme and 2,909 families on the scheme, with this scheme the State government is ensuring access to qualitative health at an affordable cost through various prepayment systems for all public and civil servants in Oyo State and this shows that the government values the healthiness and life of her people.

However, with the daily improvement and creation of new schemes for the betterment of Oyo State’s health sector, it is convincing that if Oyo State government continues at this pace without losing focus, the state will record a high level of investment, and we foresee Oyo State being a medical tourist attraction in the country.


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